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Cane Development
To increase the high yield of sugarcane – benefit to the farmers and also increase sugar recovery – benefit to the sugar factory, we have and have been implementing various cane development activities in our area of operation.
Necleous Seed Supply
Factory is having a seed nursery of about 15 acre where fresh, improved variety seed is planted after treating with hot water & mercurial compounds. The same is distributed to members for taking a seed plot and this again distributed to cultivators through factory on subsidized rate. Thus, a plan is made to have change of seed after Five Years.

Soil Analysis
We collect Soil Samples from Farmers Field & get it tested from different private & Govt. laboratories and advice & guidance is given in respect of manurial and cultural operations. We are also having our Own Soil Testing Laboratory at our factory site.


We are also seeking the guidelines and advise from various research institutes such as –Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Pune, Deccan Sugar Technologists Association, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth etc. in respect of

  • Preparatory tillage.
  • Seed for green manuring like Sunhamps & Dhencha
  • Plant Protection measures and providing insecticides & Pesticides.
  • Optimum & timely use of fertilizers.
  • Proper inter culturing.
  • Planting according to availability of water & to have proper & economical uses of water & promoting the farmers to use sprinkler,drip irrigation methods.
  • Crop rotation & varietual planning etc.
  • Providing the Cultivators to switch over early maturing varieties (New) Like CO-86032, CO-94012 8725 and CO, C-671 and thereby we have noticed the increase in recovery 0.25 % during the season.

Cane Production
In the area of operation of Shri Dnyaneshwar S.S.K. Ltd., sugarcane is grown in 20,000 to 25,000 hectares with an average yield of about 80 tons to 90 tons per hectares, COC-671, CO-8014, CO-86032, CO-94012 are early high sugared varieties grown in this area.
Variety wise % is as under



98.50 %
0.53 %
0.37 %
Other Variety
0.60 %
100.00 %
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