Dnyaneshwar Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana

To utilize the molasses of sugar factory & to get more remunerative price to cane growers, we have installed Distillery unit in 1984-85 producing rectified spirit 45,000 Liters/day. From 1984-85 seasons, we are running the distillery annually (i.e. 12 months).We have decided to expand production of rectified spirit upto 75000 liters per day.

Extra Neutral Alcohol Plant
The Extra Neutral Alcohol Plant of capacity 10,000 Liters/day started from 19-11-1987. This E.N.A. plant is attached to our distillery.

Absolute Alcohol Plant
30,000 Liters. per day Absolute Alcohol Project work is installed. The plant is based on Azeotropic Distillation Process. Commercial production was started from 22nd June 2003

Methane Generation Gas Plant

We have installed Effluent cum Methane Gas Recovery Project. The Methane Gas is utilized as fuel for Boiler. 80% steam requirement of distillery is fulfilling by using Methane Gas.

Continuous Fermentation System
To improve the yield of Alcohol, our Management has installed Continuous Fermentation System.

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