Dnyaneshwar Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana

Vegetable & Fruit Growers Co-op Society
We have established Shri Dnyaneshwar Fruits & Vegetables Purchase & Sale Co-operative Society, for collecting, transporting & marketing if necessary processing by having common arrangement.Through, this society Cold Storage unit has been installed. It is an idea that we can get remunerative price to the farmers fruit/vegetables.

Motor Transport Co-op. Society
For the Transportation of Sugar cane we have established Shri. Dnyaneshwar Motor Co-op. Society at site. 242 Trucks are owned by sugar cane growers which are ours Members.

Co-operative Lift Irrigation Schemes
We have sponsored 14 Lift Irrigation Scheme on the backwater of GODAVARI RIVER with a view to increase cane potential and other crops in the area of operation. The cultivators are taking advantage of it & it is helpful for seeking for new wells.

Land Leveling
We are having four-chain type Bulldozer. We are providing Bulldozer to Cultivators for land leveling at a cheaper rate i.e. Rs. 600/- per hour.
Wormy Compost Project
We have installed Wormy Compost Project of a capacity of 300 M.T./ annum. We are selling the Compost to the Farmers at a cheaper rate @ Rs.1500/- Ton. It also helps soil structure & texture.

Compost Project
From the Press mud & Spent-wash we have installed Compost Project & it is selling to the farmers @ Rs. 150/Ton i.e. below the market price.

Sericulture Project
A Sericulture Project is taken in hand for the benefit of small cultivators having limited source of irrigation potential. It also helps to the educated- unemployed persons.

Shri Dnyaneshwar Krishi Vidyan Farm
Shri Dnyaneshwar Krishi Vidyan Farm is established at site, as a Pilot Project of various fruit crops. There are 14 Plots in the farm each plot had kept of one acre.

Aiming to motivate the farmers for fruit crop culture thereby getting more remunerative price rather than the sole crop.

Green House
Jeevan Pradhikaran Yojana

For the water problem of the people in the near area of the Karkhana namely Bhende Bk., Bhende Khd., Kukana, Chilekhanwadi, Tarwadi. Karkhana has given 15 acres of land to Maharashtra Government.

Through our Agri. Gut Offices we are providing information to Cane Cultivators regarding seed supply, subsidized schemes, wide program of water services, basal dose of fertilizers, micro-nutrient supply, biofertilizer application, weedicides, horticulture plantation, various schemes of cane development. We are sponsoring pilot project in the respect. We are arranging field demonstration in our area of operation, regularly.

Accident Policy Facility
We provide Accident Policy facility to Members of the Karkhana if the Member died accidentally his Heirs will be benefited by assisting upto Rs. one Lacs.

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